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Topaz & Numby

Topaz is the Leader of the Special Debts Picket Team and high-level manager of the Strategic Investment Department under the Interastral Peace Corporation. A member of the "Ten Stonehearts" at a young age, Topaz's foundational expertise is "debt retrieval." Her partner, the Warp Trotter "Numby," is also capable of keenly perceiving where "riches" are located, ensuring that jobs based in security, debt collection, and actuarial varieties are of no great challenge. At presently they are traveling the cosmos together, seeking all manner of liability disputes that might be affecting the stable progression of the IPC's businesses.


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Base Stats

Asc.Lv.Base HPBase ATKBase DEFBase SPD
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Lv. [Single Target]Show full table
Deals Fire DMG equal to 100% of Topaz's ATK to a single enemy.
Toughness to Target30
Energy gained after use20


When Topaz uses Basic ATK to deal DMG, it will be considered as a follow-up attack.
Unlocks at A2
CRIT Rate Boost
CRIT Rate increases by 2.7%
Unlocks at A2
DMG Boost: Fire
Fire DMG increases by 3.2%
Unlocks at A3


Future Market
When enemies afflicted with Proof of Debt receive follow-up attacks, they will enter the Debtor state. This can take effect only once within a single attack.
The Debtor state increases the CRIT DMG of follow-up attacks inflicted on the target enemies by 25%, stacking up to 2 time(s). When Proof of Debt is removed, the Debtor state is also removed.

Evidence Vault

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