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Dr. Ratio

Member of the Intelligentsia Guild. Eccentric temperament, sharp-tongued but with an elegant demeanor. The face under the strange alabaster head sculpture is apparently unexpectedly handsome.


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Base Stats

Asc.Lv.Base HPBase ATKBase DEFBase SPD
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Mind is Might
Lv. [Single Target]Show full table
Deals Imaginary DMG equal to 100% of Dr. Ratio's ATK to a single target enemy.
Toughness to Target30
Energy gained after use20


When Dr. Ratio uses his Skill, for every debuff on the target, his CRIT Rate increases by 2.5% and CRIT DMG by 5%. This effect can stack up to 6 time(s).
Unlocks at A2
CRIT Rate Boost
CRIT Rate increases by 2.7%
Unlocks at A2
ATK Boost
ATK increases by 4.0%
Unlocks at A3


Pride Comes Before a Fall
The maximum stackable count for the Trace "Summation" increases by 4. When a battle begins, immediately obtains 4 stacks of Summation. Needs to unlock Summation first.

Evidence Vault

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