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Fu Xuan

Head of the Divination Commission on the Luofu. The person who uses the third eye and Matrix of Prescience to foretell the route of Xianzhou and the outcomes of events.


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Base Stats

Asc.Lv.Base HPBase ATKBase DEFBase SPD
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Lv. [Single Target]Show full table
Deals Quantum DMG equal to 50% of Fu Xuan's Max HP to a single enemy.
Toughness to Target30
Energy gained after use20


Liuren, the Sexagenary
If a target enemy applies Crowd Control debuffs to allies while the Matrix of Prescience is active, all allies will resist all Crowd Control debuffs applied by the enemy target during the current action. This effect can only be triggered once. When Matrix of Prescience is activated again, the number of times this effect can be triggered will reset.
Unlocks at A6
Effect RES Boost
Effect RES increases by 6.0%
Unlocks at A6
HP Boost
Max HP increases by 8.0%
Unlocks at Lv. 75
CRIT Rate Boost
CRIT Rate increases by 5.3%
Unlocks at Lv. 80


Dominus Pacis
The Knowledge effect increases CRIT DMG by 30%.

Evidence Vault

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