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Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems

A senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts. Using his Cornerstone, he obtained a share of the authority of an Emanator of Preservation. He throws his own body into the game as a die, ready to face death in order to walk away alive.


Toughness: 450
Weaknesses: Physical, Ice, Lightning

Damage RES


Debuff RES

BurnFrozenShockWind ShearEntanglementImprisonmentControl Effects

Stats Table

Lv.HPATKDEFSPDEffect Hit RateEffect RES
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AbilityTime For A BetSummons "All or Nothing" and makes a single target enter the Gamble. Every time an "All or Nothing" is attacked by a target that is in the Gamble, the target will receive a random number between 1 and 6. After a target that is in the Gamble has finished their turn, targets with numbers lower than "Aventurine of Stratagems" are considered to have lost the Gamble and will be attacked, while those with a number higher than "Aventurine of Stratagems" are considered to have won the Gamble and will have their Ultimate activated. At the same time, targets that have not entered the Gamble are afflicted with the "Look, Don't Speak" status, which is dispelled when the Gamble ends.
AbilityHeavy StakesDeals Imaginary DMG to a single target.
AbilityDistributed InvestmentDeals successive minor Imaginary DMG to random targets.
AbilityPoints FountainDeals minor Imaginary DMG to all targets and reduce all targets' Energy.
AbilityThe Loser's Time Is OverDeals Imaginary DMG to a target that lost the Gamble, with a high chance of inflicting Imprisonment on the attacked target.
TalentStratagems' WageringEvery time a target wins the Gamble, they receive the "Favored by Fortune" effect that increases their DMG dealt. Every time a target loses the Gamble, they receive the "Down on Your Luck" effect that increases DMG taken.