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📄️ Relics

Note: All findings are summarized. You can find detailed entries & credits to each finder in the evidence vault linked at the end of the page.

General Mechanics

Relics are currently being theorytested, see #relic-basic-mechanics in our Discord for progress and submissions.

Champion Set Stacks

By: Unknown, @soul_fish, @skylarke, @menor, @elnawawi
Added: 2023-06-05 (v. 1.0)
Last tested: 2023-06-05 (v. 1.0)

The Champion of Streetwise Boxing increases stacks upon taking damage and characters' attacks (up to 5 stacks). The following are considered by the game to be attacks: "follow-up attacks" (often from talents), basic attacks, and skills/ults/techniques in which the character can directly deal damage. This applies even if the attack doesn't do damage due to external means. The following are not considered by the game to be attacks: "additional damage", indirect damage, skills/ults that don't deal damage, break damage, break effects, DoTs, and initial hits.

Counts as an "Attack"

Does not count as an "Attack"

Insight into what the game considers to be an 'attack'. Srsim use.