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Memory Zone Meme "Shell of Faded Rage"

Entities imbued with specific cognition, accumulated from fragments of the subconscious in the Memory Zone. Memories of anguish burn like flames, scorching the heart. When the suffering fades away, the life born from resentment will rise from the ashes, accumulating boundless fury.


Toughness: 360
Weaknesses: Lightning, Quantum, Imaginary

Damage RES


Debuff RES

BurnFrozenShockWind ShearEntanglementImprisonmentControl Effects

Stats Table

Lv.HPATKDEFSPDEffect Hit RateEffect RES
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AbilityBonepiercing OdiumDeals minor successive Quantum DMG to a random target. Each stack of Obscure Blaze additionally deals DMG 1 time.
AbilityGrudging CourtesyDeals Quantum DMG to a single target and gains 1 stack of Obscure Blaze.
AbilityRoar of Furious ThunderGains 3 stacks of Obscure Blaze.
AbilityTide of Enduring GrudgesDeals minor Quantum DMG to all targets and gains 1 stack of Obscure Blaze.
TalentDisembodied ShellEnters the Safeguard state. When not Weakness Broken, reduces DMG received. Once Weakness is Broken, action will be additionally delayed. After Weakness is Broken, increases DMG received.