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Memory Zone Meme "Something Unto Death"

Entity imbued with specific cognition, accumulated from fragments of the subconscious in the Memory Zone. A mysterious and dangerous Memory Zone Meme, seen as the "death" that shouldn't exist in dreams. Its sinister shadow wanders within the Twelve Hours, bringing unforeseen calamity wherever it goes. It spreads misfortune like a sharp blade, casting a shadow of death over beautiful dreams.


Toughness: 720
Weaknesses: Fire, Wind, Imaginary

Damage RES


Debuff RES

BurnFrozenShockWind ShearEntanglementImprisonmentControl Effects

Stats Table

Lv.HPATKDEFSPDEffect Hit RateEffect RES
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AbilityFading RadianceEnters the Sunset state. Gains 1 stack each time a character uses Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate. When Sunset reaches 3 stacks, immediately use Losing Eventide Light on the last-acting target. This effect is removed after using Losing Eventide Light once or after becoming Weakness Broken.
AbilityLosing Eventide LightImmediately launches a killing blow on the last-acting target who used Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, and inflicts Morbid Dream on them.
AbilityFunereal KissDeals Physical DMG to a single target.
AbilitySunken RainDeals Physical DMG to all targets.
AbilityBiting ObituaryGreatly increases DMG dealt for 1 turn. This effect is removed when this unit becomes Weakness Broken.
TalentSad True Lover Never Find My GraveWhenever a target gets inflicted with Morbid Dream, summons a corresponding Sombrous Sepulcher. When all targets get inflicted with Morbid Dream or are knocked down, this battle will be considered a defeat.