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Stellaron Hunter: Kafka

One of the Stellaron Hunters. A beautiful assassin wearing an enigmatic smile, she excels in manipulation and various weaponry. It was by her design that the Astral Express was led here, all of which was simply part of a certain plan...



Toughness: 450
Weaknesses: Physical, Wind, Imaginary

Damage RES


Debuff RES

BurnFrozenShockWind ShearEntanglementImprisonmentControl Effects

Stats Table

Lv.HPATKDEFSPDEffect Hit RateEffect RES
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AbilitySpirit WhisperHas a high chance of Dominating a single target and Advancing their action forward to immediately attack a random ally of theirs.
AbilityMidnight TumultDeals minor Lightning DMG to a single target, with a high chance to Shock the target.
AbilityCaressing MoonlightDeals Lightning DMG to a single target and units adjacent to the target. If the target is Shocked, inflicts Shock on the adjacent units.
AbilitySilent and Sharp MockeryDeals minor Lightning DMG to all targets.
TalentTrembleIf the target is currently Shocked, directly causes Shock DMG 1 time.
TalentCrueltyWhen friendly units (apart from Kafka) or Dominated targets attack the Shocked main target, unleash an extra Lightning attack. This can only be triggered 1 time per turn.