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Stellaron Hunter: Sam

One of the Stellaron Hunters, a mysterious warrior donning formidable armor. The mecha suit possesses the power to unleash fiery attacks, engulfing the battlefield in flames.


Toughness: 600
Weaknesses: Lightning, Quantum, Imaginary

Damage RES


Debuff RES

BurnFrozenShockWind ShearEntanglementImprisonmentControl Effects

Stats Table

Lv.HPATKDEFSPDEffect Hit RateEffect RES
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AbilityDHGDR: Secondary CombustionConsumes HP to enter the Secondary Combustion state and dispels the Weakness Protected effect. Becomes significantly more powerful in this state, but all attacks consume HP.
AbilityDHGDR: Supernova OverloadDeals Fire DMG to all targets, with a high chance to Burn them.
AbilityBHF: Fiery AdvanceDeals minor Fire DMG to a single target.
AbilityBHF: Heavenly FireDeals minor Fire DMG to a single target and any adjacent targets.
AbilityBBHF: Scorched EarthDeals minor Fire DMG to all targets.
TalentSGE: Molten CoreAfter entering Secondary Combustion, Combusts both the area and targets' Skill Points. When consuming Combusted Skill Points, targets lose HP and additionally deal a set amount of Fire DMG equal to a certain percentage of the original DMG. When they receive healing from other characters, the amount of HP restored is massively reduced.
TalentSGE: Molten EngineWhile in Secondary Combustion, Sam possesses Molten Energy. A corresponding amount of Molten Energy can be depleted upon being attacked with Skills using Skill Points. When Molten Energy is depleted or the unit is Weakness Broken, dispels Secondary Combustion. When Secondary Combustion is dispelled, Sam receives increased DMG, and recovers Skill Points back to full for the targets.