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Resources and Efficiency


Character Support Mechanics

The Character Support System awards credits instantly the moment a player uses your support character and finishes a fight. The term “finishing a fight” here is registered as the moment the “Battle Over” text appears on the screen upon defeating the last enemy. The reward provided is 2000 credits for each instance finished, up to a maximum of 5 times for a total of 10,000 credits. The maximum amount of rewards stored is 60,000 credits, allowing you to store 30 instances of rewards from other players using your support character over six days, assuming the maximum is hit everyday.

  • The Character Support system does not differentiate between whether 6 rounds were done in 1 instance or 2 rounds done in 1 instance.
  • The game only registers the first “Battle Over” shown in a single instance.
  • Clicking the “One More Time” button will count as continuing a single instance.
  • It is possible to ‘gift’ your friend the maximum amount of daily credits by doing five instances of battle. It is also possible to ‘give’ your friend credits without using Trailblaze Power by exhausting the weekly boss limit, then doing a Power-less run with a support.

Details: Google Doc

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